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Get an end-to-end perspective of the digital marketing & analytics ecosystem in the digital world to plan revenue-generating strategies.

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Get an end-to-end perspective of the digital marketing & analytics ecosystem in the digital world to plan revenue-generating strategies.

New digital technologies have fundamentally reshaped marketing theory and practice over the last decade and have led to a drastic shift in the quality and quantity of information we are able to store, access, and analyse. With this proliferation of data has come an increasing need for many businesses to better understand and react to various consumer patterns, as well as evolve the way they measure, plan, and implement their marketing activity. As such, there’s been a growing demand for skilled digital marketing analysts who are equipped to ensure optimal return on investment (ROI) for marketing spend and to deliver valuable insights that drive better customer service

3AI ‘s Digital Marketing and Analytics program covers the various frameworks, tools, and techniques pertaining to digital analytics. You will learn to understand 17 digital marketing and analytics solutions: Mobile Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Campaign Management, CX experience etc. and also get acquainted with tracking campaign performance, accessing visitor behaviour, and gaining the competitive intelligence required to optimize marketing campaigns and improve the online customer experience.

Learning Outcomes :

  1. Understand industry best practices and tools in the digital marketing ecosystem 
  2. Understand consumer behaviour and the marketing funnel to thrive in the era of digital marketing
  3. Evaluate digital marketing channels, develop channel strategy, and optimise resources through the strategic decision making
  4. Leverage consumer analytics to drive the performance of digital campaigns and enhance customer engagement
  5. Understand 17 essential digital marketing solutions  for effective revenue-generating strategies
  6. Build effective metrics to monitor and improve digital marketing activities for organic business growth

Who is this program for?

  1. This programme has been designed to help you develop the digital marketing & analytics skills and strategies required to engage with 21st-century digital customers through multiple digital marketing channels and drive customer acquisition.
  2. The programme is best suited for aspirants & professionals keen on enhancing their digital marketing and analytics capabilities and looking to develop a strategic mindset around digital marketing to drive and deliver business success.
  3. Additionally, aspirants and professionals looking to drive integrated, customer-centric digital strategies by leveraging contemporary digital marketing practices & techniques and data-driven decision-making abilities for organic business growth, will benefit from this program

3AI Surge Unique Program Format: Heutagogy Approach

  1. Self-paced mode + External References links & bibliography for all program topics
  2. Slide Deck Version of holistic and comprehensive Content (easy to learn & refer ) – pace your own learning
  3. External video links for easy referencibility and swift learning

Course Curriculum

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