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Transformative, future-led & INdustry relevant programs for smart learners

Huetogogy based approach with self-paced learning, industry relevant content with proven use cases, simulations & applicable scenarios.

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Data Engineering: Design to implementation

Price   ₹40,000/-  34,999

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Price   ₹25,000/-  19,999

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ai in hr & talent management

Price   ₹25,000/-  19,999

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First ever Industry-Ready Meta-Learning with Heutagogy Approach

Bringing the learner closer to industry for swift career pivot.

3AI SURGE provides learners a unique combination of non-linear, peer-led, decentred & self-determined rigor with trifecta of bringing in constructivists, connectors & creators to aid the learning across an array of curated learning programs that are highly linked to industry readiness and deployment.

Learning & progression at the same time.

Accelerates your propensity to get deployed, do career pivot & succeed in the professional arena.

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Unique Program Format


Program Content

Self-Study Mode + Pre Recorded Video Sessions + External References links & Bibliography for all program topics.


Learn at own Pace

Slide Deck Version of Complete Content (easy to learn & refer).



Masterclass session by the expert.

3AI Surge

Outsmart the Future

First-ever Industry-ready Meta-learning

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