First ever Industry-Ready Meta-Learning with Heutagogy Approach

Bringing the learner closer to industry for swift career pivot.

3AI SURGE provides learners a unique combination of non-linear, peer-led, decentred & self-determined rigor with trifecta of bringing in constructivists, connectors & creators to aid the learning across an array of curated learning programs that are highly linked to industry readiness and deployment.


Students from all streams & Working professionals

3AI Surge provides the Heutagogy approach of bringing together meta learning with a trifecta of Platform, Design & AI.

The learner gets to absorb only the pertinent reading material offered in the slideshow format- learning tiles in an exhaustive chronology based manner with program ontologies clearly defined and each learning tile supported with relevant reading links, videos and reference material that’s’ linked to industry and businesses. 3AI SURGE programs are immensely beneficial to students from all streams & working professionals that are desirous of making career path in AI & Analytics industry and also useful for existing AI & Analytics professionals that are seeking to keeping them abreast with topical themes.

 3AI Surge learners can also benefit from 3AI membership programs

wherein they will be provided with mentorship support from 250+ AI & Analytics leading industry leaders and Surge learners can also leverage all the knowledge repository – case studies articles, podcasts, question banks, assessment platform long with getting access to events, roundtables and weekly knowledge sessions.

Become a 3AI Surge Learner

Make career path in AI & Analytics Industry and stay abreast with topical themes.

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